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What’s New in Node.js 22: Exciting Features and Updates


What’s New in Node.js 22: Exciting Features and Updates

Node.js, the powerful and popular JavaScript runtime, has released its latest version—Node.js 22. In this release, three major updates stand out: the enhanced capability to require() ECMAScript modules (ESM) within CommonJS modules, the introduction of a built-in WebSocket client, and the latest updates to the V8 JavaScript engine. Let’s explore these updates and more!

Main Updates for Node.js 22

Enhanced require() for ECMAScript Modules

Node.js 22 bridges the gap between CommonJS and ECMAScript modules by enabling the require() function to import ESM modules directly. The new version allows for synchronous ECMAScript modules to be require()d under the –experimental-require-module flag, which facilitates easier integration and usage of different module systems.

Native WebSocket Client

Node.js 22 introduces a native WebSocket client that streamlines the implementation of real-time web functionalities. This built-in capability eliminates the dependency on third-party libraries for WebSocket communication, making it easier to develop applications that require live data updates, such as chat apps or live notifications.

Updates to the V8 JavaScript Engine

The V8 JavaScript engine in Node.js 22 has been updated to improve performance and introduce new ECMAScript features, keeping Node.js at the forefront of JavaScript execution efficiency. The updated V8 engine now supports new features such as WebAssembly Garbage Collection, Array.fromAsync, Set methods, and iterator helpers, significantly enhancing performance and capabilities.

Other Updates

Enabled Maglev Compiler: Automatically enabled on compatible architectures, the Maglev Compiler enhances the execution efficiency of brief CLI programs, optimizing operations for faster, more responsive performance.Direct Execution of package.json Scripts: An innovative experimental feature in Node.js 22 is the ability to execute scripts directly from the package.json using the CLI flag node –run <script-in-package-json>. This feature offers developers a streamlined way to manage and execute scripts, improving workflow efficiency.Official Stable Watch Mode: The node –watch feature, which reloads Node.js processes automatically upon file modifications, has reached full stability. This functionality is crucial for developers seeking efficient iterative testing and development.Stream Performance Enhancement: The adjustment of the default High Water Mark from 16KiB to 64KiB improves overall performance for streaming operations, albeit at the expense of a modest increase in memory usage.Introduction of Globbing Capabilities: The glob and globSync functions have been added to the node:fs module, enabling developers to match file paths based on specific patterns easily.Enhanced Creation of AbortSignal Instances: Improvements in the creation process for AbortSignal instances result in significant performance boosts for APIs like fetch and various testing tools.

To download Node.js 22.0.0 and explore these new capabilities, visit Node.js Downloads. For more details on the features and the complete list of commits, check out the Official GitHub.

As Node.js 22 progresses from its “Current” release status to long-term support (LTS) in October, you have the opportunity to start integrating these innovations into their projects.

Node.js Release Schedule

ReleaseStatusInitial ReleaseActive LTS StartMaintenance StartEnd-of-life18.xMaintenanceApril 19, 2022October 25, 2022October 18, 2023April 30, 202520.xLTSApril 18, 2023October 24, 2023October 22, 2024April 30, 202621.xMaintenanceOctober 17, 2023–April 1, 2024June 1, 202422.xCurrentApril 23, 2024October 29, 2024October 21, 2024April 30, 202723.xPendingOctober 15, 2024–April 1, 2025June 1, 202524.xPendingApril 22, 2025October 28, 2025October 20, 2026April 30, 2028

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